Matt Wagner z DCS uvolnil video, ukazující postup pro přistání na letadlové lodi. 



1- Enter 10nm diameter orbit over the boat at 2,000 ft at 250kts using BARO hold and ATC
2- Set TCN to the boat and set boat TCN course line to heading
3- Set up the jet: hook down, displays, heat, radalt to HUD, anti-skid off, hook bypass carrier, and radalt gauge to 370 ft
4- Break the 2,000 ft deck when abeam and behind the boat and approach the boat from the starboard side. Pass the boat at 350 kts / 800 ft
5- When at most 1.5 nm ahead of the boat (closer if you are more seasoned), break into the pattern
6- Gear down and flaps to full when below 250kts
7- Level off on the downwind at 1.2 to 1.3nm abeam the boat’s course line
8- Establish 8.1 on-speed AoA at 600ft. Power and trim. 9- Once the boat’s round down on the stern is visible, roll into the groove with 30 degrees of bank in gradual decent (100-200 ft/min) for the first 90 degrees of turn. 10- Roll out on groove and adjust height with power to keep IFLOS ball centered. Combat recovery 8 seconds in the groove or 12-16 seconds for standard groove time.