Včera byl uvolněn malý opravný balíček pro otevřenou betu simulátoru DCS World.

Seznam změn:

DCS World

Serverlist refresh will not infinite looping when user pressed F5 too often.

AIM-7. Fixed bug that caused the missile seeker to not see chaffs.

DCS F-16C Viper

  • Fixed crash with rockets firing after selective jettison

F/A-18C Hornet

  • Fixed DCS hangs on SA page.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Fixed engine sound that was broken in the latest update (real engine sound still WIP).
  • Fixed startup training mission. “VOR ON” step after startup will not pass without moving the
  • NAV Volume selector in VOR-ILS-MB equipment.
  • Gear up and gear down commands added.
  • Gear emergency extension works now when using input command.
  • AoA indicator does not jump anymore from max to min and vice-versa when turning the knob with keyboard or joystick button.
  • Control stick can now be hidden using keyboard or joystick commands, not only click-spot.
  • Ventilación Emergencia / Emergency Ventilation” depressurizes now cockpit”.
  • Gear override button (crash button) has now a press and release function.